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So, after ages and ages I have finally decided to start a Facebook page for Jennifer Dorman Photography. I will be using the page for all business related issues - periodic session photos, updates, promotions (that's right... promotions... be sure to "like" me so you can keep up to date), travel dates (in the next few months we will be in many, many states, so keep checking in - I'd love to meet up for a shoot), and much more! Check me out... & don't forget to click that "LIKE" button at the top! Thanks! You are amazing, blog world!

I have so, so many photos to add to my facebook page and to this blog, but, for now, here is another dreamy one from my San Antonio workshop.


Iheartfaces Workshop - San Antonio

I am back from San Antonio and had the most amazing trip. I am so very happy I went. While down there for the workshop (and two extra days) I was able to do several mini-sessions and get some great photos, learn a bit, teach a bit, laugh a lot, meet great new and old friends, relax, have wonderful food with great company, and grow as a photographer and personally. I have so many photos to sort and edit and am excited to work on them. For now, as I get settled back into the reality of life in Idaho and my other rolls of wife and mom, I will leave you with one photo from the first of my workshop sessions. This was a styled shoot - going off the Red Riding Hood theme. I could photograph this beautiful young lady every day and be over the moon... she was perfect!


I'm off

I am off to San Antonio for a great learning experience and an all around fantastic trip! I promise (to try) to be a better blogger. I have lots of fun stuff to share, but have a terrible habit of not doing so on this blog. Here I am, saying to you, blog-o-sphere, look out... I'm going to get this blog going again *cross my heart (and my fingers that I don't let you down)* For now, until I get back and catch up on the life here at home that I will be missing, go check out the snazzy new website... you're going to love it... That I can promise!



iheartfaces photo challenge | SHADOWS

As soon as I saw the "Shadows" theme I couldn't resist entering the iheartfaces photo challenge for the week. The second I saw this shot in my viewfinder I fell in love with it - the way Ben's shadow and reflection are both present is perfect! He is so full of personality - It's almost like this photo shows that his little boy body can't contain it all!


Baby Gabriel

One of my recent session from right before we moved was baby Gabriel. He has to be one of the cutest little guys ever. He was so sweet and was especially happy and content when we got him out in the sun.

This was a fantastic stove in the living room of their home. As soon as I walked in the room I was dying to take this shot. I love it!

All of the rest of these photos were outside. He was really in his element out there!

Watch for more recent sessions soon!
It's SO good to be back! :)

I'm back to the blog

So, after over a year of no internet (I know... HOW, right???) and two different moves (one cross-country) I am ready and able to get back to blogging. During this time I have still been able to do shoots, but not post them... there is no way I will be going back to post all of my sessions from the past year +, but I would like to add a few of my favorite more recent sessions, just for fun - Look for those in the next few days. We are in Boise now and loving every minute. We miss Ohio, our friends, Lake Erie, the Indians, and so much more, but we know we made the right choice in moving back here to be closer to family. It has been SO.MUCH.FUN! That said, now that we are settled here I am ready to get my business rolling here like I had it out there. If you, or anyone you know, live in my area and need some amazing photos let me know! Can't wait to meet with you!


Ready and Waiting

This post has picture overload (part of why it took SO long to get it published), but this was one of my all time favorite sessions and I just couldn't choose between what pics to show... what a beautiful couple these guys are... and so much fun! Can you believe that Mommy gave birth only a week after these were taken.

You can reach me to book a session or for more information

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